Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Monday, December 10, 2012


I wanted to quickly share something wonderful that I received in the mail today.  Are you familiar with Marcie Patch - the brains (and major talent) behind Patchalot Quilt Patterns? I met Marcie through blogging, and we have become cyber friends and hopefully will be able to meet in person one of these days. I have always admired Marcie's patterns - it seems that each one is better than the last.  You can see them on her website here.  She has been published in many magazines and you have probably seen her patterns in some of your favorite quilt shops.  I've intended to place an order forever, but frankly, every time I went to her website, I wanted ALL of them!  I had a terrible time narrowing it down, but I finally made my decision late last week.  And today...this is what Marty the Mail Lady brought me...

 Aren't they awesome? There were a few little surprises in there as well - and you all know how I LOVE surprises! I still don't know which is my favorite.  Can you pick just one favorite out of all of these?  I just don't think that I can. Be sure to visit Marcie's blog too - she has a darling picture of her little grandson on there, not to mention more great quilts, lots of market pictures and much more.

Ok, I think it's obvious that I have a love for Marcie, I will move on! We have been very busy working on jewelry - I'm sure that many people are buying gifts for their quilty friends - so it has been fun working on that. Here are a couple of new Christmas pieces that we finished.
Can you tell that is Santa in the upper left?  When I asked DH, he had no clue!  Lol - he doesn't like when I ask him those things!  I think he did figure it out eventually.  It was something new, and I thought it was kind of cute.

I also caught up on my NFW blocks awhile back, but didn't ever post the pictures.

I am 3 behind now, and Randy should give us a few more this week, but we are almost finished, so I'm not stressing out as much about getting behind.

Are any of you doing Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt?  I have never participated in a mystery quilt challenge, but I am seriously thinking about starting this one!  Someone please talk me out of it.  I was having trouble trying to figure out how to change her colors to something more my style.  It's just hard, when you have no idea what the pattern is going to look like.  But...I looked at some other blogs and got some ideas.  I really don't need to start this.  Come me out of it!!!


  1. There's so much going on this time of year that I wouldn't be able to take on any more opportunities no matter how cute or fun or enticing.

    did that convince you ?~!

    Love Santa pin. I must confess I didn't get him either until I read the cheat sheet.

  2. I LOVE Marcie's patterns, Julie! One of those I have an intend to make at some point! Maybe we can do it together!! Your NFW blocks are great - what a quilt they will make! Wish I had time to do a mystery quilt, but alas, too many other projects awaiting!

  3. I had no idea I brought you such a great stash of patterns today! Thanks for sharing~makes my day "feel" better.

    Good job on your blocks & catching up~you are putting me to shame with my "block a month"~ha, ha....

    Hey, remember I knew Santa when you showed him to me~

  4. I know Marcie's patterns well and have a couple of her magazine patterns in my "have to make" list. I love the simplicity and cozy feeling of so many of her designs.
    Your NFW blocks look wonderful in red and black. I gave up on them so long ago. But some day I hope to go back and catch up.
    I've never done any of Bonnie's mystery quilts as she presents them for the first time, as I always seem to be in the middle of something else that's taking all my time. I'm comfortable waiting till I see the finished project in various colorways. Then I'll have a better idea of whether I want to devote time to the pattern. But I'm never disappointed with her quilts. They're always wonderful--when the time is right for me.

  5. I knew that was a Santa before I even read it! Very cute!
    Your red/black blocks are so striking! I love them! I am falling behind, too, but knowing the end is in sight, I'm not panicking.
    I did Orca Bay after the reveal, and that is my plan for Easy Street. For one thing, I am changing the colors, too, and I want to know I will like my color placement. I don't have time to work on a quilt I'm not going to love. Then, too, I have no time for another quilt while I am finishing Christmas gifts. I can't imagine that you do, either. There you go--did I talk you out of it? : )

  6. I'm a Marcie fan, too! She is one talented lady—and so are you. Fun to see your goodies from her. You sure made good progress on your NFW blocks! And that new trio of Christmas jewelry is wonderful. I especially love the tree.

  7. I could tell it was Santa! All of them are just adorable. As for Bonnie's mystery quilt..... let's just say I started one 4 years ago and am not past step 3. The rest I have printed out for "some day". You'll get suckered in and have another UFO on your hands. Oh, wait ... I'm talking about me again!

  8. Not sure how you were able to just pick a few patterns - they all look like fun. I won't be any good at talking you out of Bonnie's mystery because I just love them for sew many reasons - so I won't even try!

  9. Hi, Julie--I am NOT going to talk you out of it...more partners in pain make the owies easier. I chose Christmas colors as I had a huge amount in my stash and I'm not big on brights. I've really been enjoying the different colorways of others. One person is doing it in Civil War repros which is very cool as well.

    BTW, you left a very nice comment on my blog (Blue Funk Crafts) and mentioned that I didn't have a 'follow me" button. I think I corrected that and would be thrilled if you would try it out and let me know.

    I love the blocks above--they're very solid and cozy looking, which I love in color combinations. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  10. I am glad you like those patterns! I do too! Isn't it great to love your work? And yes, I love YOUR work as well. I always love the attention I get when I wear your jewelry! Your blocks are wonderful! You have lots going on. Merry Christmas my friend!

  11. Love the patterns that you selected! I too am thinking about doing Bonnie's mystery, Easy Street. Let me know if you figure out how to change the colors.