Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Sunday, July 1, 2012


I thought I would share pictures of some visitors we've had lately - and they are not of the human kind.  We knew the mommy goose would be having babies any day - it is always so fun when they come out of the box and swim around with the mom and dad.  I love watching them - they are just so cute!

There are 6 babies...see them toddling along?  Now they are off for a little swim...

Then they disappeared!  We have been told that they don't stay where they are born, because other animals can smell them and will try to have them for supper (YIKES!).  I sure wish they would stay - I would love to watch them grow up.  But guess what?  A couple of weeks later they came back!

I can't believe how much they've grown.  They didn't stick around long - but at least we did get to see them again.

Now we are in full hummingbird mode. We usually have a couple of hummingbirds each summer, but this year there are a few more.  It's always hard to know just how many, they move so darned fast.

I love watching them.  DH hung a feeder outside of both of my windows in my sewing room - so they buzz back and forth between the two.  Every once in awhile, they are outside my window just looking in!  Of course, that gets the cats all riled up!

And here is what the indoor wildlife is up to...(Gee, I don't know why there is fur on all my fabric!)

And while I was on the floor taking a picture of Callie, I thought I would take one of all those yummy fabrics above me!  Love them all!
I was going to go pick green beans this morning, but Mother Nature has blown in a storm so I guess I will just stay in the house.  I don't know about you, but I am really tired of this heatwave already and it doesn't sound like it's going away anytime soon.  According to the forecast we will be in the 90's and even a little over 100 degrees all week long.  YUCK!  Bean picking will have to happen in the early mornings!

Have a great week!


  1. Baby geese... oh, how sweet! They do grow fast, don't they? Glad the parents are taking good care of them.

    Great shots of the hummingbirds... esp the one with the hummingbird looking at you around the center post of the feeder! Too funny... "What you doing taking photos of me a dinner?"

    Stay cool... it's been a scorcher lately!

  2. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing...Judith, Texas

  3. You must be a very special place for the geese to return after they were born, Julie! How peaceful and serene it looks for them on your lake! The hummingbirds are gorgeous! I love the green beak! Between the indoor and outdoor animals, there is probably never a dull moment at your house!

  4. Did you know that Canada geese mate for life? Kinda awesome, huh?

    Love those hummingbirds. I have a wigelia bush outside my kitchen window that they love to visit when they are in bloom. I love watching them as well and am amazed at their speed.

    Beautiful and tranquil pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the Canadians - sweet babies. The hummers are just too cute, well maybe not as cute as Callie. Great shot of your fabric stacks - don't know though....are you a little light on inventory?
    Have a great 4th holiday!

  6. Your fabric stacks are so organized. I love it!

    Wonderful photos. All the animals keep busy no matter how hot it is outside! ;) Wish I could be so accepting of the temps! LOL

  7. Fun to see the geese babies grow, but the hummingbirds are amazing. I NEVER see them with their wings still--even at feeders. Amazing shot of the stare down with the little bird.
    Are you ever afraid those stacks of fabric will fall over on you? There is enough there to cause bodily harm, you know. : )

  8. Julie, our geese always do the disappearing trick too! One day they just dieappear and come late summers they all fly back in.....Such beautiful pictures of the hummers---mine have gone now and I miss them buzzing around the porch. We have been a favorite stopping ground for the local raccoon population.....I would rather they move on!! As always love your helpers they are the best!

  9. My goodness, your fabrics are so neat and tidy! Love the photos of the geese. I have geese on my blog today also!

  10. I'm quite jealous of your hummers! I have 2 feeders but only 1 bird at a time. Luckily yesterday I was on the floor at the front windows when the female appeared a mere 2 feet from my face. Of course the camera was in the other room but I was grinning for hours! You stash is pretty sweet looking, especially with Callie tucked in there.

    PS - I'm starting a feline linky party this friday - I hope you'll bring Callie to the party!