Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A finish of a different kind!

We have been waiting for the trim for our house for a VERY LOOOOOONG time!  There have been several hurdles, one of them being a contractor who does not know how to tell the truth, but that's all the further I will go with that one!  But, finally, finally, it is finished!  This is what a houseful of trim looks like when it's in a couple of piles...

Ok...Blogger is not there will be a lot of jumping around...I'm out of patience! Here is work in progress in my sewing room.  I can only imagine what he thinks of my stash closet!

This is looking down the hallway at a door with no trim!

Of course, Callie was on hand to help out...

 One wall of my sewing room...trimless!
 The living room window...WITH TRIM!
 The doorway from finished

 Remember that sewing room window?  Here it is finished!
 And this is the other set of windows in my sewing room.  This is actually my very favorite out of all the trim - the piece along the top is really pretty.  Of course, you can't tell it from my lovely pictures!
It is so nice to have this all finished - it looks so much better - amazing the difference it made.  Since I had to drag all of the stuff out of closets so he could trim them out, we took that opportunity to get rid of lots of stuff.  I took a whole Jeep full of things to Hopefully Yours, in Burlington.  They take anything and it helps Hope Haven, which is a really good cause.  I even got the Hubby to go through his clothes, and he got rid of tons.  So now we have cleaner closets and pretty trim!

One last pic - this is some jewelry that I made using Lisa Bongean's newest fabric line - Seasonal Little Gatherings.  I know I've shown some other pictures of jewelry with this fabric - I really do love it, such great colors.  I can't wait until it hits the shops and I can buy some yardage - I've used most of my layer cake already.  

Speaking of Primitive Gatherings...I leave for there on Monday morning!  I'm so excited - can't wait!  A friend and I are taking a road trip, hitting a bunch of quilt shops on the way, then we will spend a few days in the Menasha area before we shop hop our way back home.  I will try to remember to take lots of pictures to share with you!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! The house looks great. Who knew what some new trim could do to spruce things up? I do think the helper-supervisor there really made the difference though, don't you? Gosh your new pieces with the new line of PG really is stunning. Delightful fun you're about to have, too!! Enjoy that and definitely DON'T FORGET the pics… silly!!!

  2. What a great accomplishment to have the trim done - sounds like it was an 'adventure' ... Looks great finished. Love the wall grouping in your sewing room.
    Your new line is very nice - great fabric choices.
    Have a good trip!

  3. The new trim is great; I love your display of little quilts on the wall!

  4. Woo hoo....enjoy your visit to Primitive Gatherings! I just visited with Lisa for a few minutes at the Sewing Expo near Atlanta this week. I saw the BOM quilt made from the Seasonal Little Gatherings fabric...beautiful! As are your jewelry pieces made from the fabric! I bought a charm pack to fondle but I really wanted a fat quarter pack!!

  5. P.S. Are you stopping by JJ Stitches or Country Sampler on your tour?

  6. So happy for you to have your trim, Julie. Living in a home with some trimless doors and windows still, I know how thrilled I would be to have them finished. I love woodwork trim--gorgeous.
    And that is gorgeous jewelry made with the new line of fabric!
    Okay, I want to beleive you when you say you will remember to take lots of pictures, but I seem to remember posts where you have said, "I forgot to take my camera out." We'll see. Sorry, I had to razz you a little. : )

  7. Julie, your trim looks fantastic and your road trip sounds like fun~I'll look forward to the photos! Safe travels!

  8. Good job! Have fun on your trip. Karmen

  9. My favorite part about a new room .... decorating it! Like a breath of fresh air. And yes, I know about contractors ...... ;>(

  10. Wow, beautiful, warm woods. I am so jealous that you get to go to PG! Have fun.

  11. I think all contractors have a disease - not being able to tell the truth - lol! Your trim looks gorgeous, Julie! I can't imagine having lived without it for so long! Callie looks like she had so much fun taunting the trim guy, too! I'm so envious of your trip tomorrow - have a great time!

  12. I can so relate! I have 8 windows with trim issues going on 10 years. Problem is DH is my contractor. I nag and then I just have to let it go.
    I love the little quilt display on your sewing room wall and the colors of the new jewelry. Have fun on your road trip. I would love to see pictures.

  13. Your trim looks fantastic! It's now Monday so I hope you are having a wild time on your road trip!

  14. Your trim is looking great. Hope you're having fun on your trip. Can't wait to hear about all the goodies you found.

    P.S. The Farmer's Wife quilt is finished! Woo Hoo

    1. Your trim looks awesome!!! Doesn't make a huge difference??? I LOVE your new pieces with Lisa's new fabrics. I want to buy some . Seriously!!! Have fun on your trip!!! I want to hear all about it!!!!