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Me & My Stitches
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trunk show and a movie!

The last (but certainly not least) activity on Quilty Day was the guild meeting in Hackensack.  I have never spoken to a group before, and told them that I really had nothing to say! I stuffed as many quilts as I could into my biggest suitcase to show the ladies. We started with a couple of my first quilts and then went through my quilting journey.  It's easy to see by my quilts that pieces just kept getting smaller and smaller - obviously leading me to where I am now - making 1" to 2" quilts!  I meant to give Mom my camera to take a couple of pictures during the trunk show, but I was so busy before hand that I forgot. pictures of me (that should not break your heart!).  I did take one blurry (you should be used to that by now) picture of all of my jewelry spread out on a table...
That's a lot of jewelry!  We have been building this inventory for quite some time to get ready for the show in Galena.  The ladies did a nice job of making a dent in it!  I did take some pictures of their show and tell. Sorry, I don't have names for most of them, so I won't add any names...just pictures!

 I really loved this bag - it's square.  I want one!

They showed lots of fun things! 

It was a great day - love doing the quilty things of course, and am grateful that my sister-in-law and niece are so patient and play along!

The next day we didn't have anything planned.  Mom's goal for the trip was to make a stained glass window to go in Aunt Nancy and Larry's front door.  Which meant that she didn't get to go play with us - she had to stay home and work!  We did let her come out to the guild meeting, but that was it!  So, on Tuesday she worked on the window all day.  We took a short boat ride with neighbors, which was awesome, then we decided to let her have a break (!) and we all went to see The Help.  It was a great movie.  I have read the book since I've been home and it really followed the book well.  I would definitely recommend them both.

On Wednesday we were supposed to leave at 8:00 a.m. to head for home.  Of course, you know that didn't happen.  Mom and Larry went to install the window (it was too dark the night before by the time she got it finished) and of DID NOT FIT!!!  Are you kidding me???  We threatened to leave her there to fix it!  So, she drug her stuff back out and did a little work - and Larry did a little work on the door.  They finally got it in there.  I only took one picture, and it's not a good one.  Tempers were a little high, and I didn't want to be in the way and make things worse!
I wish I would have gotten a better picture, and taken one from the outside.  This does not really show you anything!  Maybe Aunt Nancy will take a few better pics and send them to me to share (hint, hint).  Finally we got on the road about an hour and a half late.  I think at the beginning of this journey I told you that according to Mapquest it should take us less than 9 hours to get there - it took 12.  Well, the trip home took about 14!  Geesh we are slow!  But we had fun doing it. 

We stopped at Gruber's in St. Cloud on the way home.  WOW!  That is a big place filled with lots of stuff.  I did not take any pictures - didn't know if it was allowed.  I did find a few things there to buy (shocking!).  I thought I took pictures of my purchases, but I guess not - I'm not finding them.  I bought the pattern - 45 and Life To Go from Primitive Gatherings, a nice piece of wool and a few fat quarters.  Mom found lots of wonderful yarn and there was a great deli in there that we grabbed lunch for the road.  They also had the new Cotton Club block of the month quilt all finished and on display.  It is wonderful!

Next stop was not really a stop,  more of a "jump out now" type of thing.  As we were driving through Hutchinson, we passed the gas station, then thought we should have stopped.  We were at a stop light when I looked to my left and saw Thimbleberries.  Of course, I exclaimed - "there's a quilt shop we need to hit!"  They told me to get out - so I did!  I jumped out, placing great faith in my SIL that she would come back to get me!  I didn't take any pictures and didn't buy a single thing - can you believe it?!?! 

They did come back to get me and I think our next stop was Country Threads (again).  Mom decided that she wanted to buy Linda a barn quilt and we talked her into buying one for herself!  We got there after closing time, but they were kind enough to let us in.  Mom quickly made her purchases and they were also kind enough to give us all one of their cook books!  All kinds of great stuff in there! Here are the purchases that I made on our first stop there (I neglected to show them before)...

Notice that the pattern is the same pattern as my barn quilt  and when I bought it I did not know that I had that barn quilt! 

Ok, this post has gone on long enough, but I needed to get through all the fun stuff we did on our trip, so I could move on to current things!

Have a great day!


  1. First of all--WOW, yes that is a lot of jewelry. Wish I had been there!
    Second--I love that bag, too!
    Third--the window is so beautiful. My sister used to do stained glass, but every craft she started she has since quit. Sad.
    Fourth--you had too much fun--and you didn't buy anything at Thimbleberries?
    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  2. The jewelry is awesome, got lots of compliments with the pin on. I love the stain class and you were having way to much fun with the shop hop. I am finally using some of my stash lately so that is a good thing.

  3. Ohhhh - I wish I had been at your trunk show, Julie! Your mom is so talented - what a gorgeous window! A trip to Gruber's and Thimbleberries and Country Threads - what a way to end a fun trip!!

  4. You crack me up dear Julie! I would love to follow you around for a few days!! Glad the SIL decided to come back for you or who knows what you would have gotten yourself into!! ;o) And...Oh my HECK!! That is one BUNCH of jewelry!! WOWSERS!! How can people choose??! It'd take me a week just to look at it all! Glad you had fun - hope to see more photos of that stained glass window your mom did (Wow!) - looks great from what I'm seeing; but wanna see more! Hope your fur babies survived your absence....Happy September! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin