Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Cat tales and a new collection

I haven't shown many cat pictures lately - you probably think that Callie has become a perfect little angel, right?  Yeah...sure - Ozzie thinks not!  From this first picture, it's already obvious that this will not end well.  None of the cats like to sleep close to the others.  Well...Callie would like to, but she can't refrain from biting and wrestling - so no one wants to be near her when they are tired. 
It is rare for all three of them to be on the bed at the same time - especially CC - she doesn't much care for anyone except me - and sometimes I wonder about that!  Ok, so this looks innocent enough, right?  Of course, that innocence can not/will not last long.

Here she is, acting like she is going to be a good kitty and give Ozzie a nice little bath.  Do you think he's falling for it?
Moving in a little closer, putting a little paw on his neck...

Is this Callie showing Ozzie some love, or is this Callie thinking that she is going to give Ozzie the big take-down?
Notice that paw is a little further around Ozzie's neck. it a loving gesture???  Maybe she has turned over a new leaf.  Notice CC in the background - always an innocent bystander.
Guess this tells the tale.  No love from Callie!

This picture makes me laugh - I think Ozzie whomped her in the head before he left.

So there you have it...nothing has changed here!

I have received a few fun things in the mail lately.  A blogging friend - whom I lovingly refer to as Satan, but in blogland she's known as Deb at Threadgatherer - told me that she had started a collection of child's sewing machines.  I have never paid too much attention to them - though I have admired them in different quilt shops.  I  thought the next time I am in antique shops I would be sure to keep an eye open for them, because they are really cute!  Then, since I don't get out much (for those of you who know me, you know that I only leave home about once a week!) I decided to take a look on ebay.  BAD IDEA!  Anything and everything that you ever wanted is on ebay.  Again...I think you probably know where this is all heading!  I called my Mom to ask her why I didn't have one of these little machines as a child - she was always an amazing seamstress and it would only seem right that I had a little machine of my own.  But, since I was deprived as a child (that makes me laugh) I didn't have one.  Mom says she didn't think she knew there was such a thing (lame excuse, don't you think?).  Anyway...I found a few that I liked on ebay - quite a few actually, but some were way more expensive than I would ever consider.  I did end up getting a couple for great prices. This is the first one and it is in really bad shape, but is still super cute...

And here is the second one - in much better condition and still cheap!
I don't want to collect too many, as I really don't have anywhere to put them, and the more you have the more you have to dust - and we all know how much I love to clean...

I also received a nice squishy package in the mail yesterday - it was Month 5 of the Civil War Chronicles.  I have been working feverishly on jewelry, but maybe over the weekend I will take a break from that and work on my CWC blocks.

Have a great day!


  1. Love the antique machines, especially the hand crank Singer.

  2. Ohhh...Ozzie could have had the nicest little love from Callie (wink)! I love the cat pictures, Julie! The sewing machines are a neat find, too - it wouldn't take much for me to get to collecting them, either!

  3. 2 makes a nice collection!! They are so cute!

  4. You know how much I love those machines!!!! I think that you need a few more!!!! I need to post my new ones!! Your cats crack me up and I love that quilt they're on. Love, SATAN

  5. Cute kitties - and the little machines are cute - maybe you need three?? Looks adorable on the little quilt.

  6. Oh I love that second little machine you got! Every now and then I look on ebay, but never catch a good deal - but I don't watch too closely either!

  7. Kitties are too cute!! Love the little machines.